College and University Relations Committee


To represent students enrolled in a university in park, recreation, therapeutic recreation, natural resources and related curriculums, and to determine and develop marketing initiatives and services to provide an effective transition from a student to a parks and recreation professional.


The Student Advisor will serve as the Chair for this Committee, along with designated WPRA professionals who will serve as the contact for UW-Whitewater, UW-La Crosse, Madison Area Technical College, George Williams College and UW-Stevens Point. Members will serve a two year term, staggered following initial inception.


Student Advisor


  1. To promote park and recreation careers to students enrolled in Wisconsin Universities.
  2. To review and develop appropriate marketing material for distribution and posting at Wisconsin Universities and High Schools that would promote the future of public parks and recreation careers and the profession. To work with the WPRA Student Section to determine appropriate mechanisms for promoting the benefits of a career in parks and recreation.


  1. To become knowledgeable of designated college and their students.
  2. Create an efficient line of communication with college representative.
  3. Arrange or give presentations at the beginning of each semester with the purpose of promoting membership in WPRA, internship and career opportunities, Annual Groundhog Job Shadow day, regional and section workshops, Annual Conference & Trade Show, and scholarship opportunities through the WPRA Foundation.
  4. Maintain the WPRA University Display container with appropriate brochures, magazines, etc.