Elected Official Award

Once again, we are given an opportunity to present a token of our appreciation to an “Elected Official”. What is this award and what does it have to do with me? All of us can point to the Mayor, Alderperson, Councilman, Trustee or County Board Supervisor that makes our jobs a nightmare. They think we have too many employees, our budget is too high, the grass isn’t cut and some constituent isn’t getting the service they think they need. But every once in a while, we come across an official that is in tune with what we are all about.

These “officials” have constructive comments; they listen to our problems and concerns and try to help. They go to bat for our budgets and programs. They are our partners in the development of community projects. Sometimes these projects are their own, but they fit in and are not self-serving. They work with us and make our lives a little easier.

We are not merely looking for officials that have sponsored big projects. We can use this award to thank and recognize all of those officials who are partners in providing the Parks and Recreation programs to the members of our communities.

The Nomination process has been simplified. Just send the nominee’s position, background, issues addressed or projects pursued, and the impact made on the community to office@wpraweb.org.

Elected Official Award Recipients

    2018 N/A
    2017 Ken Bukowski, Ashwaubenon Village Trustee 2009 Sharon Jaeger, Village of Weston
    2016 N/A 2008 Gary Herzberg, Village of Waunakee Trustee
    2015 Jim Kreuser, Kenosha County Executive 2007 Tammy Baldwin, US Representative Congress
    2014 Daniel Vrakas, Waukesha County Executive 2006 Kenneth Miller, Washington County Board
    2013 Mayor Walsh, City of De Pere 2005N/A
    2011/2012 N/A
    2004 Mayor Marquardt
    2010N/A 2003 Charles Hargan