Honorary Fellowship Awards

This award is given to recognize persons (non-WPRA members) who have made outstanding achievements or contributions to the parks and recreation movement. The impact of their contribution should be of major significance to the local community or go beyond the local community.

Submit your nomination(s) to office@wpraweb.org. Once a nomination is submitted, a request will be made for additional information if needed. For the Partnership Award, Fellowship Award and the Elected Official Award, please submit information pertaining to why the individual/organization/etc. should be considered for the award.

Honorary Fellowship Awards Recipients

    2018 Mary Behling
    2017 Randy Meyer 1993 C.C. “Buzz” Besadny
    2016 Casey Latz 1992 Fred Engh
    2015 Lucille Taylor 1991 None
    2011/12/13/14 None 1990 None
    2010 William "Bill" Barker 1989 Spencer Black
    2009 Roger VandenLandenberg 1988 Dr. George Wilson
    2008 Jim Guy Jr, Cottage Grove 1987 None
    2007 Jim Smrz 1986 None
    2006 Floyd and Pat Hamus 1985 None
    2005 None 1984 None
    2004 Mary Deignan 1983 Harry Haskell, Jr.
    2003 Robert & Irvin Goodman 1982 Tony Mobley
    2002 Chuck & Jen Johnson 1981 Phyllis Ovans
    2001 Marilyn Penn 1980 John Davis
    2000 Herb Harris 1979 None
    1999 Wisconsin State Park System 1978 Dr. Anthony Earl
    1998 UW La Crosse Therapeutic Recreation Program
    & Ice Age Park & Trail Foundation
    1977 None
    1997 None 1976 Dr. Clifton Hutchins
    1996 Dr. George Arimond 1975 Robert Cleckner
    1995 August Revoy 1974 Hollis Meacham
    1994 None