Professional Award of Merit

This is the highest professional award given by WPRA to an active Association member. The nominee MUST hold current professional certification by the National Recreation and Park Association as a Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP). Nominees are judged on specific accomplishments and service performed for the Wisconsin Park and Recreation Association and the leisure services profession. Recipients of the Professional Award of Merit are not eligible for the George Wilson Service Award.

Submit your nomination(s) to Once a nomination is submitted, a request will be made for additional information if needed.

Guidelines in choosing The Professional Award of Merit:

  • Group #1:
    • WPRA Board Member
    • WPRA Committee Chairperson National and Regional Officer WPRA Section Board Member Student Section Advisor
  • Group #2:
    • WPRA Committee Member
    • Special Events and Activities Contributor of Articles to Professional
    • Magazines
  • Group #3:
    • Professional Accomplishments and Job Performance

Professional Award of Merit Recipients

    2018 Scott Jaquish
    2017 Holly Glainyk 1992 Roger Kist
    2016 Craig Hoeppner 1991 Tony Bruno, Doraine Schindler
    2015 Kathy Gruentzel 1990 Stan Dorff
    2014 Kelly Valentino 1989 Gary Anderson
    2013 Ray Maurer 1988 Elizabeth Dick, Robert Tank
    2012 Bill Lecker 1987 Gene Park
    2011 Marty Kosobucki 1986 Caroline Pipke
    2010 Sue McDade 1985 Mel Wade
    2009 Joe McLafferty 1984 Charles Drayna
    2008 Cyndi Keller 1983 Don Brick
    2007 Marianne Pigeon 1982 William Houtz
    2006 Ron Grall 1981 Chester Miller, August Revoy
    2005 Steve Scharrer 1980 Alan Domer
    2004 Juliene Hefter 1979 Larry Denyes
    2003 Al Schaefer 1978 Ernest Goranson, Joseph Leszcynski
    2002 Rick Beattie 1977 Richard Cooper
    2001 Bill Landvatter 1976 Dr. George Wilson
    2000 Bill Faherty 1975 Ruth James
    1999 Robert Holling 1974 Bill Anderson, Alice DeBower
    1998 Jacqueline Schweitzer 1973 Gerald Smith
    1997 Thomas Blotz 1972 Dr. H. Clifton Hutchins
    1996 Robert Rundle 1971 John Lorimer
    1995 Fred Jungers, Ken Van Es 1970 Phyllis Lee
    1994 Mike Williams 1969 Pat Dawson, Clarence Emigh
    1993 Steve Thompson