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 To provide discounted attraction tickets as part of the Wisconsin Parks & Recreation Association (WPRA) ticket program, attractions must comply with the terms of this agreement.

2020 Ticket Pricing Notes:

  • The price WPRA sells at must be the lowest available price.
  • WPRA share of the tickets will be $2.25:
    • $1.50 for WPRA and $0.75 for the participating member.

As the terms of this agreement:

WPRA will

  • Actively promote, at its own cost, the program to its membership.
  • Provide information on each participating attraction in its promotion.
  • Administer the collection of department orders, overall ticket distribution, collection of monies and unused tickets, and payment for unused tickets along with the return of unused tickets to each participating attraction by November 6, 2020.
  • Publicize and retain agreements from participating departments for the price structure as stated in the Attraction Agreement. (Separate details are required for EACH ticket offered.)
  • E-mail the original accumulated department orders to the attractions for direct mailing by the attraction to the departments placing orders by April 10, 2020. (All additional orders will be emailed directly to the attractions electronically by email.)
  • Maintain an accurate record of transactions and maintain communication with attractions as needed.
  • Retain the original amount agreed upon per ticket sold.

Attractions will

  1. Provide complete information for each separate attraction ticket to include times and dates open, length of season, ticket expirations, chaperone policies, age limits (if any) for adult/child tickets and any restrictions or procedures affecting the operation of this ticket program within this contract agreement.
  2. Upon receipt of the orders from WPRA directly mail tickets as ordered within three working days, at own cost. The exception is the initial order which will be sent to you by April 10, 2020. Those tickets are to be mailed to participating members by May 1, 2020.
  3. When sending tickets to the participating members you are responsible for obtaining proof that said tickets were delivered, (certified mail. etc.) so that if there are any questions regarding tickets you will have proof that they were delivered.
  4. Not accept or process any orders given directly by participating members. Only orders submitted by the WPRA on-line order system will be under the protection and authorization of this program.
  5. Provide all tickets on a consignment basis. Printed on the tickets should be the gate price (incl. tax), the WPRA selling price, the ticket expiration, and as much information on the season, hours, etc., as possible. In addition, the attraction will have clearly printed on the ticket, "Non Refundable"
  6. The individual attractions (each of your attractions) are responsible for reporting and remitting to the Department of Revenue the Wisconsin sales tax on all sales of admissions to your attraction(s) by WPRA member consignees. The amount subject to sales tax is the selling price by WPRA members before reduction of amounts withheld by WPRA and its members as compensation for their services.
  7. Pay all applicable sales tax for tickets sold.
  8. Actively support the WPRA by joining as a commercial member, (at the time of signing this agreement), exhibiting at the Annual Conference, advertising and sponsoring a program or event.
  9. Provide 300 brochures/flyers for inclusion in program packets. Also provide a reasonable number of attraction brochures/flyers with each order mailed.
  10. Agree to the following indemnification:
    • The Consignor (attraction) is solely responsible for all aspects of its business and operations, and the use, fitness, condition, operations and safety of its real and other property, facilities, programs, and attractions known as the attraction listed in this contract including, but, not limited to improvements, devices, amusement items, attractions, rides and facilities located in, on, or adjacent to said premises (collectively "Premises"), and including adjacent real and other property and facilities utilized by the public, licenses, and/or invitees in conjunction with or for access to or from said Premises; and Consignor is solely responsible for its actions and omissions, and the actions and omissions of its officers, directors, employees, agents, suppliers and contractors.
    • The Consigner listed in this contact (attraction) shall indemnify and hold harmless the Wisconsin Park & Recreation Association, Inc. ("Association") and its officers, directors, employees, members, participating departments including the department's governmental entity and employees from and against any and all loss, claims, causes of action, damage, including attorney fees, arising from or in the relation to the Consignor's (listed in this contract) Premises, business, admission to and access to and from said Premises, and/or the use, fitness, condition, operation, or safety of such Premises and Consignee listed above (the attraction on this contract), programs, and improvements, structures, devices, fixtures, amusements, attractions, property, rides, and facilities located in, on or adjacent to said Premises.
    • Nothing in this agreement shall be construed or understood to indicate or constitute a relationship between the parties other than that of independent contractors. The Wisconsin Park & Recreation Association, Inc. and its member are not partners, joint venturers, employees, employers, representatives or agents of the Attraction (Consignee) listed above in this contract; and the Consigner is not the employer, employee, joint venturer, partner, agent or representative of the Wisconsin Park & Recreation Association, Inc. or its members.

Please copy this form for each attraction as necessary:

Ticket Program Representative

Contact Name ____________________________________________________________________

Contact Phone ___________________________________________________________________

Contact E-mail ___________________________________________________________________

Mailing address: __________________________________________________________________


Attraction Details

Attraction name __________________________________________________________________

Description ______________________________________________________________________



Season information _______________________________________________________________

Chaperone policy ________________________________________________ (if n/a, leave blank)

Age range ________ Adult / _______ Child / _______ Free if under this age

Pricing Remember, this is to be the lowest available price.

$_______ Adult gate price / $_______ Adult WPRA Member selling price

$_______ Child gate price / $_______ Child WPRA Member selling price

Agreed to by:

Attraction Name:__________________________________________________________________

Consignee (attraction) Authorized Signature:__________________________________________ Date: __________________________________