Educational Events
PDC Subcommittee


Identification and oversight of all WPRA event content (including, but not limited to: Spring Workshop; Regional Meetings; NRPA’s CPSI; Office Support Workshop; Aquatic Seminars; Park Tours; Webinars; etc.)
*Final selection of speakers/sessions performed by the leaders planning that event.

Annual Duties: 

  1. Develop and maintain a speaker database as a resource for Sections, Regions and Committees for selection of speakers. 
  2. Seek out new ways for WPRA to provide quality education.
  3. Develop and execute a mutually beneficial way for WPRA to collaborate with Commercial Membership about hosting and conducting educational events. 

2020 Committee Members: 

  • Board Liaison: Shelly Strasser - Secretary/ Treasurer
  • Pre-Chair: OPEN 
  • Chair: OPEN 
  • Aquatics Section Representative: OPEN 
  • Park Section Representative: OPEN 
  • Recreation Section Representative: OPEN 
  • Young Professional Section Representative: OPEN