Virtual Spring Office Support Meeting
Friday, March 5, 2021
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

There is no cost for this Zoom meeting.
Wear something colorful & donate to your favorite charity today!

Bring a funny saying to share about your COVID year such as:
“2020 was a unique Leap year… It had 29 days in February, 300 days in March & 5 years in April!”


  • Share a creative COVID program idea. Share one picture on your screen of a favorite.
  • The Cares Act expired December 31, 2020. Did your City extend it or develop a policy if employees got COVID‐19 or had to quarantine or do they just have to use PTO or unpaid time?
  • Does your agency do a city newsletter? Can you send a PDF to the group if you do city newsletter? Does your city do anything to communicate with the public? (Not just the Park and Recreation Dept but the whole city?) Administrator has Facebook page?
  • Did you prorate fees, give refunds or credits when shut down due to COVID?
  • Are you renting out inside facilities yet for parties, wedding showers, etc.? What is your limit for outside shelters this summer?
  • How are you proceeding with programs for the summer? Same as last year, less restrictions, no restrictions?
  • Are you putting together a Spring/ Summer brochure this year?
  • What are you using for meetings? Zoom, WebX or something else?
  • Are you planning any special events, Easter Egg Hunt, July 4th celebration, special events at pool for 2021?
  • Does anyone have concessions and admissions positions? Do they overlap? Who supervises these positions?
  • Concessions menu for this summer ‐ Items for nice profit? Big sellers? Do you run pool or park concessions? Do you use a vending machine?
  • Who runs your Swim Team?


Click here to download a PDF Version of the Agenda

For further information, or to receive the link to join, contact [email protected] or 414-423-1210.