WPRA Foundation Professional Grant Application

Please review the selection criteria below used to determine award of Professional Grant. Then proceed to the online form at the bottom of the page to submit your application. It is recommended to have all your support materials in PDF form and ready to upload to make the application process as easy as possible.

No Deadlines. Grant applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. The WPRA Foundation budget is based on a calendar year, with grants awarded on a "first come, first served".

The Wisconsin Park and Recreation Association Foundation, Inc. offers grants to current professionals who might not otherwise be able to attend continuing educational opportunities. Awards are based on the appropriateness of the educational opportunity related to the applicant’s job, financial need, contributions of the applicant to his/her community and to WPRA. Applicants MUST be a current WPRA member. The WPRA Annual Conference and other WPRA educational workshops and tours are NOT eligible for grant consideration. The WPRA-sponsored Leadership Academy is grant-eligible. Grants and scholarships will be awarded based on availability of funds from the WPRA Foundation.

Selection Criteria Used to Determine Professional Grant Awards


  1. Currently a member of WPRA.
  2. Two letters of recommendation - one from the applicant’s supervisor and one from another professional.
  3. Explanation of financial need.

Additional Criteria (1-5 points awarded with 5 being the highest): 

  1. Contributions to the applicant’s job and to his/her community.
  2. Demonstrated contributions to the Wisconsin Park and Recreation Association (such as involvement in WPRA sections, committees, board, etc. - contributions within the last 5 years – 4 to 5 points).
  3. Participation summary: reason expressed, presentation, organization, clarity and writing skills.
  4. Appropriateness of the educational opportunity related to the parks and recreation profession for which grant is requested.
  5. Previous grants received in the past years. (If a WPRA grant was received one year ago – 1 point, if two years ago – 2 points, if three years ago – 3 points, for maximum of 5 points).
  6. Educational opportunity is a continuation of a previous program attended (if yes – 1 bonus point).