Support WPRA by Becoming a Sponsor

Does your company want to reach more buyers and influencers in the Wisconsin Park and Recreation Association, and at the same time feel good about the support you provide to enable WPRA to achieve its mission?

Now you have this opportunity to show your support by investing in the new Sponsorship Program!

WPRA now offers a variety of ways for your company to have constant exposure to members throughout the year. 

This mutually beneficial program is constructed to offer the largest, most exclusive offers to the companies supporting at the highest levels. Yet still, at the bronze level, a commitment of $2,500, your company will save over 25% annually while giving you exclusive access to members not available outside of this program. Commercial membership, a booth at the trade show, and advertising in the IMPACT Magazine, PRMonthlyand Membership Directory is included at every level of sponsorship.

For more information, or to reserve your sponsorship, contact the WPRA Office at 414-423-1210 or by email at 
[email protected].