Education Session Proposal Form

Education Session Proposal Submissions

WPRA is seeking proposals that reflect sound adult learning principles and reflect the best thinking in the field. To deliver exceptional learning experiences, preference may be given to proposals that feature an interactive presentation style, supports NRPA’s three pillars of Social Equity, Conservation, and Health & Wellness, and delivers an effective mix of the following:


  • Reflect innovative, cutting-edge content, and evidence-based practice
  • Present a business case with evidence supported by research or data
  • Explore issues important to a national audience of Parks and Recreation professionals. 


  • Stimulate and provoke discussion, audience engagement, and outcome-focused design
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer and development of new competencies and “take-aways”
  • Use methods that draw out relevant past knowledge and experiences.


  • Target audience is executive-level professionals and emerging leaders
  • Provide approaches for diverse types of learners
  • Demonstrate relevance of lessons through “real-life” case studies and best practices. 

Plan your submission in advance. We suggest that you first collect your thoughts for your proposal and review the sample form before submitting. Collect contact information and biographies from your co- presenters before beginning the form.

Use clear, error free language. Session proposals require clear and concise titles, persuasive learning outcomes-focused descriptions in a short and long version, and three action-oriented learning outcomes that answer the question “upon completion of this session, participants will be able to…”. 

Avoid all commercial bias. Any submission that is not educational in nature, not neutral and/or unbiased, and not free of commercial motive/intent will not be accepted. If accepted, those in violation of this policy may forfeit future speaking opportunities.

We seek to create the premiere event for the Parks and Recreation industry, and therefore priority is given to proposals that include original content designed exclusively for WPRA. Priority will also be given to those sessions that include engaging, interactive formats where the presenter shares in the learning and discovery. 


Proposals will be evaluated by the Professional Development Committee based on the following criteria:

  • Originality:  It is essential that we continue to present unique and exciting programs that reflect our dynamic community.
  • Relevance: WPRA seeks sessions that are of great interest to prospective attendees and clearly benefit the professional needs of the designated audience.
  • Overall Quality: WPRA is dedicated to ensuring that the learning programs at Annual Conference meet the highest standards of excellence.

Deadlines for Event Submissions


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