2023 Ticket Program

January 31, 2023:
Attraction agreements due
March 13, 2023: Participating member agreements due
March 28, 2023: WPRA member ticket orders due
April 7, 2023: Ticket order sent to attractions
April 28, 2023: Attractions send tickets out to WPRA members by this date
April 28, 2023 - Labor Day: WPRA members sell tickets
Labor Day - September 8, 2023: WPRA members report number of tickets being returned
September 15, 2023: Tickets and payments due to WPRA office

For more information
Attraction Information and Prices
Ticket Overview
Participating Member Agreement

Need more tickets at your department? Please fill out the form below! Tickets re-orders will be sent to the attractions by the end of the day each Wednesday.

Re-Order Tickets

**Note: Tickets are NOT available at the WPRA office. To purchase individual tickets, please visit our member locations for tickets. You can contact departments directly to inquire about ticket availability. Many departments only accept cash payments. Click here to view a list of participating departments.

Please Submit your Summer Ticket Sales by filling out the Ticket Return Form below.

Ticket Return form

**Ticket Sales end September 4th, 2023. Departments MUST submit their ticket sales by September 8th, 2023. All tickets and payment are due to the WPRA Office postmarked no later than September 15th, 2023 per signed department agreements. Late ticket payments are subject to a late fee.