2021 Fall Workshop Sessions

Park Track
Thursday, October 7 | 8:00am - 3:45pm

Assessing ADA Compliance in Park Facilities*
Dan Schmitt, PLA, CPSI, CPO
Attendees will be provided a background on ADA compliance requirements in park facilities. Included is a park facility tour to demonstrate tools to better understand how to phase ADA compliance improvements. There will be discussion on ways to prioritize improvements to work within your budget.

Law Enforcement Partnerships with Parks Departments**
Marathon County Sheriffs Office

Tree Risk Assessment Presentation*
John Farber
A practical look at the 3 pillars of Tree Risk  Assessment (TRA), how to use and interpret results.

Chainsaw Inspection
Jim Dougovito
Key points to look for to ensure that your employees are maintaining their chainsaw equipment properly.

Friday, October 8 | 8:00am - 11:45am

Park Tour  

Recreation Track
Thursday, October 7 | 8:00am - 3:45pm

Surviving a Park and Rec PR Nightmare*
Shelly Strasser
Often times, things are never an issue, until they are actually an issue. As most park and recreation agencies in Wisconsin do not have a Public Relations professional on staff, this session will share real life park and recreation public relations challenges to help frame the work that lies ahead and best prepare Park and Recreation professionals to handle all different type of public relation challenges.

Creative Fall/Winter Recreation Programming*
Shelley Slapak
on't take all your programming indoors just because the weather is getting cooler!  Capitalize on your greatest assets in your parks and give your community a reason to keep recreating outside. Create a signature event that draws a large crowd and keeps the revenue coming in year round. Fall and Winter is also a perfect time to establish partnership programs that make the most of community resources and allows for programming variety.

People, Praise, Positivity*
Gabriel Castillo, CPRP, MS
The power of positive thinking can’t be understated. The best news about positivity is that it is a learnable quality. Are you ready to be more positive and make sure you have time to invest in your team? When you’re prepared to be more positive and give more praise to your team, there are quite a few ways you can do so. These tactics give you a variety of right places to start, whether you’re just beginning to learn how to be more positive at work or want to tune up your approaches. To carry a positive action, we must develop a positive vision. “Dalai Lama”

Finding the Perfect Recipe for a High Morale Workplace*
Gabriel Castillo, CPRP, MS
There are many different factors that can affect team morale. When morale suffers, it’s important that you take steps to rebuild it quickly. But what can you do, as a leader, to rebuild the morale of your team? And what, exactly, is morale?

Friday, October 8 | 8:00am - 11:45am

Courageous Conversations*
Gabriel Castillo, CPRP, MS
During times of uncertainty and anxiety, such as right now, fear has an undue influence on people’s behavior and organizational performance. When fear directs workers’ behaviors, they become distracted, afraid, and unproductive…just when their companies need them to be the opposite. Fear is bad for business. Courage has always been the antidote for fear, and during fearful times leaders need to communicate with courage and clarity. This session will help you communicate more flexibly, transparently, and courageously during these challenging times.

Digital Marketing that Rocks*
Gabriel Castillo, CPRP, MS 
Explore the current trends and techniques in digital marketing, social media, SEO, content and mobile trends. Learn how digital marketing can matter the most to you and your organization.

*CEU Opportunity
** CEU Pending