George Wilson Service Award

This award is presented to current or retired Association members who have distinguished themselves through persistent accomplishment and continuous service to the State Association. The nominee MUST hold current professional certification by the National Recreation and Park Association as a Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP) or held this certification immediately preceding their retirement.

Nominees must have at least ten (10) years of continuous active membership and service to the Association, and hold State and/or National Certification in the field to qualify for this award. Retirees must have been certified while active. Recipients of the Professional Award of Merit are not eligible for the George Wilson Service Award.

Guidelines for selecting The George Wilson Service Award:

The person being nominated must have continuous service in WPRA for five (5) of the eight (8) categories, or in a single, long-term responsibility to qualify as a candidate for this award.

  • WPRA Officer (elected to Board or Section)
  • WPRA Committee Chairperson
  • WPRA Appointed Officer
  • WPRA Student Advisor
  • WPRA Committee Member
  • WPRA Special Events & Activities
  • Contributor to IMPACT, PRWeekly, other WPRA writings
  • Other Professional Contributions and Accomplishments which highlight WPRA service, or identify the nominee as a WPRA member

George Wilson Service Award Recipients

2018 Justin Casperson    
2017 Mark Schroeder 2006 Kelly Valentino
2016 Karen Davis 2005 Phil Fieber
2015 Dawn Comte 2004 Craig Hoeppner
2014 Ed Englehart 2003 Holly Glainyk
2013 Laurie Olson 2002 Karyn Powers
2011 Scott Jaquish 2001 Marge Klinzing and Mary Hanson
2010 Pat Grulke 2000 Marianne Pigeon
2009 Denise Larson 1999 Roger Kist
2008 Mike Hermann 1998 Augie Revoy
2007 Deb Stolz 1997 Dr. George Wilson