The goals of the Aquatics Section is to provide educational opportunities, foster communication and stay up-to-date on current code changes, trends and other aquatic-related news. It is imperative for aquatic professionals to stay up to do on codes, regulations and trends in the industry. The goal of the Aquatics Section is to be able to provide educational opportunities and to foster communication to allow aquatic professionals to stay current in their field. Dissemination of information regarding the American Red Cross, codes and newsworthy incidents is a main focus of this group. Tech Workshops, Seminars and Conference Sessions, along with publications in the Impact magazine and PR Monthly are all the ways we are consistently meeting our goals of keeping the WPRA membership informed.

2021 Aquatic Section Manual 

2021 Aquatic Section Board Members: 

Melody Escoto
Deb Bossingham
Tyler Mentzel
Leah Burns
Region 1 Representative
Jeff Malloy
Region 2 Representative
Angie Lucas
Region 3 Representative
Samantha Precord
Region 4 Representative
Ann Moeller
Rep-At-Large/Board Liaison
Cory Hintze
Gregg Trudell
Michelle Borkovec
Alicyn Nicholson

Kabel Helmbrecht
Past Chairperson